Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Carolyn Tucker and I am a psychotherapist, a reiki practioner and energy healer and the single mother of four. I own and work in a multi boutique location practice in Atlanta, Ga. Please see our website at I struggle daily to balance the needs of my children against the demands of my job, and to find time for the self care that I know will keep me functioning at a level where I am able to meet all of my obligations in the way I want.
    The truth is I want to thrive. I want to find joy in my life and to experience awe at the mundane. I recently quit a job where I was working 40-50 hours a week and felt like I was pouring out every drop of myself. I am exhausted, I feel bad, I have gained weight and I am not doing the things I tell my clients they should do for maximum well being. Time for a change!
    Yesterday I started doing the Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program to jump start my commitment to my own physical health. It is being offered at TRU Integrative Health and Wellness practice wide for clients and clinicians alike.  I went shopping at Trader Joe’s Friday and filled my cart with a rainbow of beautiful fruits and vegetables. I bought a few healthy fats that are allowed on the program as well. Missing were the simple carbohydrates and processed foods I have been turning to to ease my stress and for a quick dinner fix. For the first 11 days I will eat vegetables and fruits, brown rice, lentils and quinoa  along with a couple of shakes a day and supplements provided. My refrigerator is filled to overflowing and it makes me smile every time I open the door. Everything in it is ALIVE!
    I started the day yesterday lamenting that I wasn’t allowed coffee. It seemed cruel, actually! Coffee is a ritual for me in the morning, and sometimes the first sip is actually the highlight of my day. I followed the plan all day, and by midday I noticed that I felt foggy headed. By mid afternoon I had a killer headache. The headache put me to bed early, but when I woke up this morning it was gone. I think it was my body revolting at the lack of caffeine. I took time to be mindful of the fact that I have been putting something into my body daily that caused me pain when discontinued. I have the feeling that being mindful of what I eat may teach me several such lessons.
    For dinner last night, I made sauteed organic asparagus, baby portabello mushrooms and onions with brown rice for dinner. All that was missing was a glass of wine! My 12 year old son, Elliott has asked to do the program with me. He is so dedicated he even started a few days early cutting out meat. He has learned a lot about environmental toxins and the importance of eating organic this week. He wants to play football professionally or be in a band when he grows up, either one will require him to be in top physical form and I am thankful for the chance to instill good eating habits in him before he leaves home. He gave the asparagus dish a thumbs up!
    During the next 19 days I intend to engage in some activities that nurture my spirit and my body as well. Life has been passing me by in all of my busyness and I intend to put a stop to that. I want to smell the flowers. I want to take more bubble baths. I want to look for shapes in the clouds. I want to really be present when I talk to my children. I’ll be reporting back here how it goes. Hopefully you will indulge me and come along for the ride!

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