One Mom’s Journey to Health and Wellness

Today is day 8 on the Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program that I am doing with my practice, TRU Integrative Health and Wellness. I am losing weight, feeling clearer and am seeing a difference in my skin and in my 12 year old son’s. His skin is positively glowing! This morning for breakfast I had sunflower greens chopped with some avocado and brown rice, with a little lime juice. It was delicious, and actually held me for hours without hunger. I am constantly amazed at how smaller amounts of real food are more satisfying and leave me feeling more nourished than my previous diet.

    It seems the more I learn the less I know. I have spent the last few nights watching movies with my son about nutrition and about how we get our food. I am slowly becoming convicted that we are going to have to revamp how we live. We watched Supersize Me last night and were appalled at the effects of a fast food diet on one man’s health within 30 days! I used to think nothing of a morning Egg McMuffin and coffee run. Now I see that it may have been contributing to the problem of my fatigue and weight gain.
    The biggest change that I am noticing is a sense of feeling grounded and centered. There is a peaceful feeling that has descended on me that I really cannot say I have experienced before. I practice meditation, and my experience is flowing over into that as well. I notice that I am able to sit with the breath longer and longer, without all the mind chatter that I am used to. I attribute this to better nutrition, but also to the activities that I have been engaging in to nurture my spirit.
    Candle light throughout my home in the evening is one discipline I have initiated. There is something so decadent and soothing about candle light that speaks to my soul. Just the act of lighting a candle speaks of a desire to slow down and to enjoy the moment. I think my ritual of bubble bath and candles in the evening is helping me to sleep better at night. Winding down in the evening lets my body know what to expect. This is a far cry from my usual “go until you hit the wall” pre-sleep routine.
    I am grateful to my body and mind for carrying me through all those years of long days and busyness. I am lucky that human bodies are adaptable and are able to function under stress. I am going to show my gratitude by continuing to make changes to pay my body back for putting up with years of nutritional abuse, and my mind for decades of stress. I wonder how you would feel if you did the same?

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