One Mom’s Journey to Health and Wellness

Day 14 of the Standard Process 21-day Purification Program found me down 12 pounds and feeling really good. I am beginning to see changes in my skin, my energy level and my mood. The most important thing that I notice is a constant sense of being calm and grounded. In my profession as a psychotherapist it is very important for me to keep my own moods regulated and to remain centered despite what is going on with my clients. I feel like I will be a better therapist for this change. My colleagues at TRU Integrative Health and Wellness are seeing the same results. It is so exciting to be doing this as a team along with out clients.
    This week I concentrated on getting lots of micronutrients into my 12 yar old son’s diet, as well as my own. We started juicing regularly, which has added a whole new routine to our day. We are juicing all sorts of vegetables and fruits, some of which I would never eat whole (beets to name one). I am finding that the juice gives me a constant stream of energy, and I find myself craving it when it has been a few hours since I have had some. The juice is so delicious I can’t believe I was nervous about trying it at first!
    Today my 22 year old son asked to start juicing, with the intent of doing the Purification Program soon. I took him to Dekalb Farmer’s Market and filled the cart with a full spectrum of beautiful produce. We loaded it into his refrigerator and I taught him how to work his new juicer, given to him by his grandparents. He has hopes for getting healthier, losing a few pounds and feeling better like his younger brother, who is doing the cleanse with me. It is really exciting to see the spark of wellness spread through my family! There is no greater gift that I could give them than the ability to make healthy choices about how they care for their bodies. It is nice that I didn’t have to push it on him, either. I feel that putting healthy habits in place is something my children have to own. I think the best way to teach them is to model it myself.
    This week, as part of nurturing my spirit,  I will be working on making my bedroom a haven for myself again. Currently there are books and professional journals everywhere, and paperwork is on many surfaces. I will be sorting paperwork and finding a home for it. Books will find a shelf. The journals will be stacked and moved from view until I have time to read them. My bedroom is a lovely, zen room that originally had no clutter and felt like such a peaceful place. Busyness has allowed things to stack up so they are within arms reach, but now  it feels like I am sleeping in my office. Just the energy of all the clutter and work related paraphernalia feels chaotic.  I intend to get back to that peaceful place. Candles are going to take the place of bills on my bedside table. The floor is going to be cleared and things are going to be put in their place. Clothing is going to be put away. I already feel more meditative just thinking about the changes that are going to take place.
    Tonight I intend to spend some time in my hammock, enjoying the remains of the supermoon. There is nothing that feels as good as reclining under the night sky for me. I feel like the light of the moon rejuvenates my soul. I hope that you are taking the time today to do the things that refresh yourself, in an effort to prepare for your week!

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