Vision Board Workshop

“The beautiful thing about having and intention is that it gives all the energy in your life a point of focus to gather around. Energy is free flowing until it is given a focus. 
It is well know that where attention goes, energy flows. Think of intention as a constant rallying point and place of focus.”

– Mastin Kipp

Last Friday evening, TRU Integrative Health and Wellness hosted our first Vision Board Workshop. The workshop was attended by five women of varying ages and backgrounds, and was designed to be a way to support these women in creating a new vision for their lives in 2012 and beyond, free from limiting beliefs, destructive thoughts, and other intrapersonal insecurities.

Vision boards have been a powerful tool the practitioners here at TRU have used successfully personally as well as in various other facets of our lives.  Understanding that our own inner thoughts and feelings determine our experiences we wanted to share our passion for vision boards with our community as well, and help workshop participants set their own intentions and begin manifesting their heart’s desires.
 A vision board is like a visual affirmation. Something that has excited you in a past moment can bring that same exciting energy back every time you meditate on it; that energy is then launched into the future to manifest the thing that has excited you or a desired goal. Anything from a larger practice to financial prosperity can be displayed on a vision board to be meditated upon. By placing the items we desire to attract into our lives on a vision board, we set our intentions toward that thing. Our intentions then become like ripples in the pond, reaching out to attract back to you what you desire.
The following are some tips you can use to create your own vision board. When creating, it is important to be in an excited yet relaxed state of mind. Get  into a “good feeling” place. We use neuro-linguistic  programming incorporated into a guided meditation in our practice. This is done because the mind responds powerfully to metaphor and images. At home, you can choose from a variety of mediums including guided meditations, personal meditation, prayer, or inspiring music to help you achieve this state. A vision board possesses its greatest potential to manifest when it is energized by good feelings and happy emotions.Begin by choosing words, phrases and pictures to represent the life you desire. Decorate your boards with pictures from magazines, clip art, and words and phrases that inspire and motivate you. The images on a vision board will constantly connect to your inborn desires for a better and happy life. The actual images and pictures on the vision board will then help to change old limiting mental images and beliefs. The process of creating the board will help you get really clear and focused on what you want.

Once you complete your board, share it with others and ask them to get excited with you to amplify your personal energies towards creating your goals. Every thought, feeling, word, and action we express carries a vibration, and every vibration attracts to it things of “like” energy. In every moment we are attracting to us based on the vibrations we are radiating. Group sharing evokes strong positive vibrations of empathy and excitement, creating a surge of energy towards manifesting your goals.
Keep your board in a highly visible spot so that you see it frequently. Be sure to meditate on it daily, focusing again on the feelings you will feel when you have created the practice you want. “Try on” the feelings of success, excitement and gratitude. The more you experience these desired feelings, the more vibrational pull you will create.
As you reach your goals, you can allow your vision board to morph, placing new pictures on it as your goals are reached and you continue to grow. It can be a work in progress that grows with you. You can also create mini vision boards in a notebook on more specific topics (monthly mini boards for example) to allow you to be even more specific about the things that you would like to create in your life on a smaller scale.
A vision board is a powerful tool. When we allow it to, it will remove feelings of frustration and powerlessness in our lives, and remind us that we are truly infinitely powerful in creating our own reality. Your Vision Board can serve as a constant reminder of your ability to co-create with the universe whatever you desire!

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