InMind Psychotherapy and Coaching

I’d like to introduce you to my new practice, InMind Psychotherapy and Coaching. With offices throughout the metro Atlanta area and accomplished psychotherapists covering a wide range of specialties, InMind puts wellness within reach.

InMind Psychotherapy and Coaching is here to serve you, with four locations in the Greater Atlanta area. We serve Buckhead, Grant Park, Villa Rica and Conyers. InMind Psychotherapy and Coaching InMind has developed a comprehensive team of the finest and most well-trained clinicians to deliver services to all demographics, across a wide range of modalities. At InMind, we believe in the wellness model of mental and physical health. We believe that your body and mind intuitively seek health, and naturally know what you need. We believe that in gently supporting this natural instinct, that we can help you find the answers that you seek.

At InMind, we have made it our priority to collaborate with clinicians who are dedicated to the same principles that we endeavor to assist you in applying.

We believe that self care is mandatory for a life that is vital. Our clinicians hold each other accountable for taking care of themselves. We nurture and support each other as a community. This means that you will be working with a clinician who is well rested, who practices what they recommend, who has good work/life balance and who knows how to set boundaries.

We believe that working on our on journey is essential if we are going to ask you to do the same. Our clinicians each engage in activities that assist them in personal growth. Some do this through clinical supervision, some through working with a therapist or a coach of their own, and some have a personalized plan that assists them in achieving the progress that they desire. This creates an exciting dynamic among our practice of sharing and learning from each other.

We believe that good, solid expertise is critical for your psychotherapist to bring to the table. We stress quality training in areas that are mandated under our licensure, such as professional ethics, but also in areas that increase our ability to practice within our areas of competency. We believe that our training helps us stand our in our field. We bring a multi-faceted, multi-competency, multi-modality approach that is new to our field.

We have an underlying belief that mindfulness is critical to good mental and physical health. Mindfulness is a core concept in our practice. We all have some form of mindfulness practice, and we stress the value of being present to our clients. Current research is showing that mindfulness is one of the pillars of health. We will assist you in learning how to integrate and apply it in your daily life.